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Factory Strength

Heavy Duty Truck Production Line

Sinotruck has introduced the German Man engine, axle technology and more than 4,500 models under it. It has more than a dozen world-class modern commercial vehicle production lines, with an annual output capacity of more than 200,000 vehicles, a full range of products, and a wide variety of products. The comprehensive cooperation with Mann Corporation has injected new vitality into the good, fast and sustainable development of Sinotruk. With first-class investment in process equipment, Sinotruk, with the strong support of Mann, strictly implements Mann's technology, test verification, quality control and management standards.


Engine Production Line

Sinotruk engine is based on digesting and absorbing the international advanced technology, including Steyr Technology, German MAN technology, through a large number of independent innovations, technological upgrades, continuous improvement, and gradually developed into an international level engine designer and manufacturer. Emissions meet Euro II to Euro VI standards, with power coverage ranging from 140 hp to 560 hp. With full set production line introduced German Man, all engine parts can be produced automatically at high efficiency.


Transmission Production Line

Transmission developed by sinotruck include: 5、6、7、9、10、 12、16 gear light, medium and heavy-duty single intermediate shaft and twin countershaft transmission, and AMT transmission, they can be adapted to the heavy duty trucks, medium and light trucks manufactured by sinotruck. HW series heavy type transmission is a new generation well-crafted product developed by sinotruk specially for the heavy duty truck, sinotruk own the independent intellectual property rights for it, with its unique structure home and aboard, its primary transmission adopts twin countershaft structure and auxiliary transmission adopts planetary deceleration structure, which make its bearing capacity stronger and its structure more reliable. The integrated small housing design allows legible gear and flexible gear shift.


Axle Production Line

The driving axle developed by sinotruck consist of single stage reduction axle and double stage reduction axle, which loading capacity include 5, 9,11,13,16,26 tons, matching sinotruck various series vehicles. They are divided into four series: Single stage reduction axle, inherited from German MAN technology MCY series and H457 series, Double stage reduction axle ST/HC series and AC series inherited from Styre Technology.