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60 Units Sinotruck Howo Dump Truck Export to Latin America



60 Units Sinotruck Howo Dump Truck Export to Latin America

#Latin America

[Date: 06, August 2019   Location: China]

After almost three months of negotiation, we finally acquired an order of 60 units of cargo trucks from one of the largest construction enterprises which are operated in Latin America.

However, the biggest problem during the bidding stage was the delivery period, the client was seriously in need of 50 delivery days in total. 60 days should have included production and shipment time, apparently, it was a difficult to challenge for us. It looks like an impossible task but we eventually made it happen after coordinating all relevant personnel, including chassis assembly lines, body construction factories, quality control department, logistics consultant and shipping company, etc.

Fortunately, 60 units of Sinotruck HOWO dump trucks were off the line after 30 days of production. In fact, it is always easier to say than do. We spent tremendous effort during these 20 days. The factory became a new home for some of our staff. However, when we finished our job, and we accomplished what we promised, we felt any piece of effort was worthwhile.

Our quality control department conducted a full inspection for all these trucks and testing them carefully to guarantee quality and 100% perfect performance before handing over to this client.

So far, it has been almost 6 months since we delivered these trucks to this large construction enterprise. These trucks would serve in construction fields to take over the transportation of construction materials and steel products. We are all confident that all of those new blood will do a great job and virtually help our dearest client.

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