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Training in Paskistan Conducted



Training in Paskistan Conducted


[Date: 20, November 2017   Location: Pakistan]

On November 20, 2017, the Sinotruck import and export training center in Pakistan’s economic center, had begun its trial operation. This training center is the first training center established by a Chinese heavy-duty truck company in Pakistan, as well as the first independent training center established by Sinotruck in global markets. Kelvin Wen, the executive vice general manager of Sinotruck import and export group, has given his guidance and comments on the construction of the training center during his visit to Pakistan.

One of the purposes of building up Sinotruck Pakistan training center is to train local Pakistani drivers and maintenance workers. At the same time, improve the brand influence of Sinotruck in Pakistan; more than that, we hope to prepare our after-sales service personnel for other regions, which can be applied in the future.

In the past decades, Japanese automobile brands had always held a monopoly position in Pakistan. However, since the launch of the “one belt one road” and “China-Pakistan economic corridor” projects, Sinotruck has begun its export in the Pakistan market at a rapidly increasing rate with which has been actively grabbing the market share. With the rapid increase of market share, Sinotruck import and export has gradually improved its after-sales service system. The establishment of this training center has released an obvious signal that Sinotruck has been planning to make a positive and long-term impact with its brand in the Pakistani market.

Along with the opening date of this training center, the first 18 people will take part in a two-week course. (See picture)

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