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Sinotruk Model Trucks Showed in Khartoum Exhibition



Sinotruk Model Trucks Showed in Khartoum Exhibition

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[Date: 1st, February 2016   Location: Sudan]

Recently, our Asia-Europe office manager and our partners of Sudan attended the 33rd Khartoum international exhibition, they were there to exhibit HOWO series trucks, models, engines and a number of parts assembly and so on.

The vice president of Sudan Mr. Shawn Brooks and the trading minister Mr. Michael Jagadaba both attended the exhibition, they revealed great interest on Sinotruck’s products, and revealed wish to learn HOWO and T7H trucks, such as vehicle structure, they put a lot of focus on our engines, transmissions, and design of cabins. Apparently, the process was way beyond their knowledge. Our technical staff took the time to explain how we put the parts and tools together, how those mechanical facilities work, etc. Eventually, we earned their credit, 8-units trial order was done accordingly.

During the exhibition, we found many customers and visitors came with the same purpose. According to a visitor said, who became our customers three months after this exhibition. In fact, Sinotruck has owned more impact and popularity in the international market than we had noticed, especially in Asia and Africa regions. We have this impact, because of our quality trucks, which has been proved in real cases, and more importantly, our after-sale service is the key, buyers would never worry about repair, maintenance, provision of supplies, this kind of issue will never be close to Sinotruck users. We have the courage to say this, because Sinotruck has used the countless budget to establish a professional and mature service system, in detail such as service centers and infrastructures in almost every region and we have trained a huge band of technical and repair staffs, and professional truck trainers, so that our customers could have no concerns in every single phase after purchase.

However, it is still far away from the end of improvement. Sinotruck will keep improving the technical standard and quality of our products, simultaneously, after-sale service will always be our focus because we know what brought us to success.

About Sinotruk

Company executives are all senior foreign trade sales personnel, rich in professional knowledge and sales experience, familiar with foreign trade process, automobile, engineering machinery, and accessories, etc. The company keeps the quality in the first place, ensures that customer can use the assured product, and strict quality control in the procurement process